Menteebot Set to Debut in 2025: How This Humanoid Learns Your Tasks from Virtual Training to Reality

GigaNectar Team

The company Menteebot Robotics has introduced a humanoid robot of the same name. A market-ready version is expected to launch ...


evoBOT Emerges as Game-Changer in Logistics with Advanced Package Handling Capabilities

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The evoBOT, developed since 2020 by a team focused on creating an advanced mobile robot for logistics, represents a significant ...

Meet Archax: The $3 Million Transforming Mech Straight Out of Sci-Fi

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Meet Archax, Tsubame Industries’ latest brainchild. It’s a 15-foot, 3.5-ton robot that transforms into a vehicle, blending the worlds of ...

The Hidden Risks of Chatbot Reality: From OpenAI’s Wit to Google’s Gaffes – A Deep Dive into AI’s Unintentional Fabrications

Govind Tekale

When San Francisco startup OpenAI unveiled its ChatGPT online chatbot late last year, millions were wowed by the humanlike way ...

First AI capable of intelligently designing new robots that work in the real world

Northwestern University AI Shakes Robotics World with Instant Designs!

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A team at Northwestern University has achieved a remarkable feat: creating an AI that can whip up functional robots from ...

MilliMobile: The Tiny Titan Revolutionizing Microrobotics with Battery-Free Brilliance

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The team at the University of Washington introduced us to MilliMobile, a tiny titan in the realm of microrobotics. This ...