Menteebot Set to Debut in 2025: How This Humanoid Learns Your Tasks from Virtual Training to Reality

GigaNectar Team

The company Menteebot Robotics has introduced a humanoid robot of the same name. A market-ready version is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2025. This robot is crafted for domestic as well as commercial usability.

The Menteebot team combines robotics with adaptable AI. The humanoid robot will be capable of responding to your voice commands and engaging in conversations with you through natural language processing. Importantly, the Menteebot is not restricted to predefined commands but is designed to learn over time.

To teach Menteebot, there is a virtual version of the robot in a virtual environment where it can repeatedly train to perform tasks until it can execute them in the real world. For example, the robot could practice carrying a shopping basket from your front door to your kitchen by scanning the apartment and virtually rehearsing each step of the task—from picking up to setting down.

Additionally, the Menteebot has fully functional hands that allow it to grasp objects. It can also adjust its gait when carrying heavy objects up to 25 kilograms. The robot scans its surroundings using two cameras located at head level. When running, Menteebot can reach speeds of up to 1.5 meters per second.

Menteebot is expected to be released in two versions: one for home use and one for commercial use. The latter would be used in settings such as warehouses for tasks like stocking shelves.

Whether Menteebot will fulfill all the promises shown in the video remains to be seen. Other recent AI gadgets have also failed to meet their advertised capabilities. Additionally, the cost of Menteebot is still unclear. Given the significant amount of technology in the humanoid robot, it is expected that this assistance will not come cheaply.

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