OpenAI's GPT-4O

OpenAI’s GPT-4o Model Revolutionizes Multi-Modal AI Interactions with Sub-Second Response Times

Rahul Somvanshi

OpenAI has announced its new flagship model, “GPT-4o (Four-O).” This model seamlessly handles text, voice, and images with fast response ...

Menteebot Set to Debut in 2025: How This Humanoid Learns Your Tasks from Virtual Training to Reality

GigaNectar Team

The company Menteebot Robotics has introduced a humanoid robot of the same name. A market-ready version is expected to launch ...

Micron and HONOR Present Magic6 Pro’s AI Revolution with UFS 4.0 and LPDDR5X

GigaNectar Team

Innovations in mobile technology are constantly being noted, and Micron Technology, Inc. and HONOUR have recently announced the most recent ...

An old man trying to dial a phonenumber on his cellphone.

The Future Belongs to AI: How Automation is Redefining Industries at Lightning Speed

Govind Tekale

I have seen the disappearance of a telegram. The humble postcard has a few takers today. The telephone with wire ...

Inside Boximator: The Tech Behind ByteDance’s Latest Video Synthesis Marvel

Rahul Somvanshi

ByteDance Research has unveiled a novel tool that will expand the possibilities of video synthesis in the field of digital ...

Unlock $120K in AWS Credits: PartyRock Hackathon Seeks Next AI Innovation Wave

GigaNectar Team

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the beginning of the PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon, an ambitious move to further enhance ...


evoBOT Emerges as Game-Changer in Logistics with Advanced Package Handling Capabilities

Rahul Somvanshi

The evoBOT, developed since 2020 by a team focused on creating an advanced mobile robot for logistics, represents a significant ...

Azure Maia and Cobalt Microsoft's AI Weapon in the Cloud Wars

Azure Maia and Cobalt: Microsoft’s AI Weapon in the Cloud Wars

Rahul Somvanshi

The Dawn of Azure’s Silicon Era Microsoft’s recent unveiling of its custom silicon chips, Azure Maia 100 AI Accelerator and ...

The Hidden Risks of Chatbot Reality: From OpenAI’s Wit to Google’s Gaffes – A Deep Dive into AI’s Unintentional Fabrications

Govind Tekale

When San Francisco startup OpenAI unveiled its ChatGPT online chatbot late last year, millions were wowed by the humanlike way ...

From @IEEEXplore, "Using Swarm Intelligence to Boost Decision-making Power of Groups" -- see how the Swarm platform can cut a group's error rate in half

U.S. Air Force Partners with Unanimous AI for Next-Gen Weapon Technology

Rahul Somvanshi

The U.S. Air Force is flying into new territory, partnering with Unanimous AI under a $1.25 million contract to boost ...