Rewinding to the ’90s with EPIK: Celebs, AI Yearbook Photos, and the Hidden Cost of Nostalgia

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Selfies, influencers and a Twitter president: the decade of the social media celebrity

Let’s take a radical ride down memory lane, where the ’90s are back and cooler than ever, thanks to the latest TikTok trend – the AI ’90s Yearbook photo. Celebs like Tiffiny Hall, Keke Palmer, and even radio personalities Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson are getting jiggy with it, showcasing their AI-generated high school selves using the EPIK app. But what’s the 411 on this trend, and how can you join the fun while keeping your data safe? Let’s break it down!

Step-by-Step: How to Rock Your Virtual ’90s Look

  • Download the EPIK App: It’s free to download but, spoiler alert, the ’90s fun comes at a price.
  • Click ‘Try Now’: Hit the “Try Now” button for the AI Yearbook feature when you open the app.
  • Selfie Time: Upload 8-12 selfies with different angles and expressions for the best results.
  • Choose Your Gender: Select a gender preference – male, female, or other.
  • Pay Up, Buddy: Choose between the “standard” and “express” delivery, and shell out those dollars ($3.99 to $9.99, depending on the delivery speed and discounts).
  • Create and Wait: Tap “Create Yearbook Images” and wait for either two hours or 24 hours to get your 60 images.
  • Share and Scare: Download, save, and share your AI-generated ’90s selves on your social media, and let the likes roll in!

Celebs and Influencers: Who’s Boarding the Nostalgia Train?

From Keke Palmer to Brec Bassinger, and even Steve Aoki, celebs are hopping on the EPIK app to showcase their virtual ’90s selves, stirring a mix of amusement and skepticism among fans. But while we’re all here for the fun and games, it’s crucial to peek behind the curtain and understand the implications.

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The Real Deal: Data Privacy and Ethical Concerns

While we’re all grooving to the nostalgic beats, it’s essential to pump the brakes and consider the data privacy issues that come with using apps like EPIK. Your facial data is sensitive info, and who’s to say where it might end up? Plus, the ethical dilemma of AI creating art based on existing works is a major buzzkill, raising questions about originality and intellectual property rights.

The Social Impact: More Than Just a Trend

While it’s a blast to see ourselves (or a version of ourselves) rocking the ’90s look, it’s also vital to remember the impact such trends can have. From reinforcing certain aesthetic and cultural standards to perpetuating gender binaries, the seemingly innocent trend has layers worth exploring and discussing.

Wrapping It Up: Navigating the Digital Time Machine Responsibly

As we cruise through the digital world, enjoying the throwbacks and AI-generated fun, it’s crucial to navigate these trends with awareness and responsibility. So, while you’re sharing that wicked ‘90s yearbook photo, remember to stay savvy about your data and mindful of the broader implications of these viral trends.

And hey, while we’re reminiscing about the ’90s, let’s also carry forward the spirit of questioning, exploring, and staying true to ourselves, even in the face of the coolest trends!

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